Beata and Alius studied at the same school in Vilnius. During the 7th - 8th year of studies, they both got interested in hip-hop. Together with 8 other students they created a hip-hop dance studio, which Andrëjus also started to attend. Soon they had their first shows in Vilnius. But back then none of them was thinking about a singing career.
         With time the group began to have yet one dream: to be on stage not only as a dance group, but as a musical one - in a hip hop style. Having this idea, but still without any vocal coaching, the group knocked the door of a recording studio. Most of the group had to say no to the idea. But the most eager ones - Alius, Beata and Andrejus - started to search ways of making their dream come true!

         For 6 months they were studying singing technique and other useful subjects. Finally, the group released their first rap album "Visi skirtingi, visi lygus" ("Everyone's different, everyone's equal") in 1995. It got the public's attention and especially critics' - for usage of unsuitable words. Back then the group had to go to the court for the first time! A civil case was raised against the group with the purpose of forbidding the sales of the album. Finally all the unsuitable words had to be changed to a "beep". As a result, the album was selling even more than before!
         Later the filming of the group's first video clip started. It was filmed at Beata's rooftop: from there one could see an amazing view of all Vilnius. During the filming Andrejus almost fell down. After that, the rest of the video was recorded inside a studio - Andrejus refused to climb up to the roof again. In 1996 the group released their second album "Is pragaro i roju" ("From Heaven to Hell"), which marked a new milestone: the group changed from rap into dance music.
         FUNKY's least favourite song on this album is "Aš lauksiu tavæs", because of its unsuitable arrangement and a weak mixing. However, the song won the 1st place in the contest for Lithuanian young groups. After releasing their second album, the group went on a national tour for the first time. For everyone's surprise, all the concert halls were full.
         After the release of the 3rd album "Pasiliksiu su tavim" ("I'll stay with you") in 1997, the group was invited to the Latvian festival "Liepaja Dzintars", to give a couple of club concerts. The public and the organizers of the event were satisfied with the group's performances. After all the success in Lithuania and Latvia, the group's leader organized a tour in Poland. The group had a video camera with them all the time; the idea was to use the filmed material for a new video clip. Unfortunately, the group forgot the videotape with all material in their hotel room. Although they tried to get it back, they never managed. Because of that, the next video clip "Aš pasiliksiu su tavim" was filmed back in Lithuania. The album won the award for the best Lithuanian album given by the radio station "Radiocentras" in 1997. "Baby" became the most successful song from this album.
         At the beginning of 1998 the group published a single together with other group, "KARALISKA ERDVE". The song was called "As vel esu toli" ("I'm far away again"), and the video clip showed a story about an aeroplane curving up in the sky. During the filming, the pilot showed what he's capable of and even more. The members of the group were happier though when back on ground - suddenly it felt like heaven.
         The next album, "Lietaus lasai" ("Raindrops") was released in November 1998. It broke all previous records in Lithuania during the first month of sales.
         Two different scripts were written for the video clip of the title song. Both were to be filmed, and then it was to be selected which looked better. Beata had to sing sitting in a full bath tub, but only a couple of hours before filming, the hot water was cut out from the studio, and finally it had to be warmed in teapots.
         However, there was no time to heat as much water as it was needed, and finally Beata was sitting in a cold bath. Alius and Andrëjus weren't any luckier - they had to dance in a heavy rain and the water was freezingly cold. All the group was lying sick in their beds for a month afterwards. Even sick, they used the time to create new songs - on telephone! The new album "Zaisliukas" ("Little toy") was released in September 1999, and was again a success.
         Andrëjus decided to leave the group the same year, and he was replaced by Remis, a young and talented dancer who was leading a breakdance group.
         New horizons were to be reached, when FUNKY was invited to give a concert together with the Russian group Strelki, which toured in Lithuania during the summer 1999. FUNKY sang all its hits for the first time in Russian, and Lithuanians liked the new idea. The group realized, that if the Lithuanian public liked their songs in Russian so much, maybe others will too. They signed a contract with the Russian company Monolit in Moscow, and released their first Russian album "Tol'ko tebe" (Only for you). Simultaneously, the new Lithuanian album "Jo akyse" (In her eyes) was released back home.
         The band went to a tour in Russian cities and towns and made a new video clip for the song "Tol'ko tebe", which reached high chart positions in radio and TV.
         Soon Alius decided to leave the group. His place was taken by Raimis - the twin brother of Remis. In 2001 the group gave a concert in Germany, and in 2002 the American company TUSCAN Art organized a US concert tour. The group gave concerts in Boston, Cleveland, Chicago, New York, Philadephia, Atlanta and Baltimore. After returning to Lithuania, the group released a new single "Mne ne nravitsia dozhd" ("I don't like rain"). It was released by Koja Records, and the song itself was a gift from the famous Russian artist Oleg Gazmanov. The group travelled to Riga to film a video clip for the song. It was shown in Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine and many more countries.

         In 2002 a new Russian album "Raznocvetnoje leto" ("Colourful summer") was released by Monolit. FUNKY toured successfully in Lithuania, Russia, Latvia and Poland. In 2003 they organized 8 concerts in German and Dutch cities. This was a proof that FUNKY's music went far beyond the former Soviet countries' borders.          In 2004, after a five year break, FUNKY released a new album, "" in Lithuanian. The album was a success, and it showed that despite a long break, the group was still popular and had a lot of fans in Lithuania.          The group celebrated its 10th birthday in 2005, and it released a greatest hits collection "Desimties metu istorija" ("The story of 10 years"). It contained new versions of the groups' hits - in Lithuanian, Russian and Polish.
         Meanwhile the work in the studio with new songs and the touring continued. In December 2005 Monolit released FUNKY's third Russian album "Kray liubvi" (Land of love). It contained also two songs in English.
         At the same time Remis and Raimis decided to leave the group. They were replaced by two Lithuanian Hip Hop champions, Rytis and Laurynas, who also participated in the dance show "Go-Go Brothers". They brought new spirit and fresh ideas to the group.
         Currently FUNKY is recording their new album. Songs are recorded paralelly in Lithuanian and in other languages.