Rytis Koreiva, FUNKY's dancer and back vocalist, was born the 29th of July 1980 in Kaunas.

He started dancing at the age of 6. For 12 years he danced ballroom and after that changed to modern dances, such as Hip Hop. He danced in the groups F.U. and Go-Brothers.

Education: still studying
Work: Manager of the company "Naujasis Sirijus", model, dancer
Hobbies: dances everywhere, where it's possible :)
Music: Likes R&B, but doesn't say no to any good song, no matter where it's from - Russian or Aborigin
Clothes: crazy style
Food: Chinese
Drink: Orange juice
Favourite saying: Whatever you can do now, do it after two days and you'll have two free days :), another one that he likes to use: We are searching for possibilities for discussing about this matter :)
    *  Go go dancing, Lithuanian Championship 2003 (1st place)
    *  Go go dancing, Lithuanian Championship 2004 (1st place)
    *  Go go dancing, Lithuanian Championship 2005 (2nd place)
    *  Hip Hop, World Championship (with "Go-Brothers) 2004 (7th place)