Laurynas Mykolaitis, FUNKY's dancer and back vocalist, was born the 10th of June 1981 in Kaunas.

He started dancing at the age of 16. He sang and dance in Kaunas mime theatre and in the dance group "Go-brothers".

Education: Higher, at Corporal arts academy.
Work: Manager of the company "Naujasis Sirijus", handball player (plays defense), model and dancer
Hobbies: Cross, meditation and reading
Music: likes various styles of music - the most important thing is that it sounds nice
Clothes: likes  clothes that he doesn't see other people wearing
Food: Japanese
Drink: Mineral water
Favourite saying: Love everyone and help everyone
    *  Go go dancing, Lithuanian championship 2004 (2nd place)
    *  Go go dancing, Lithuanian championship 2006 (2nd place)
    *  Hip hop, World championship (with "Go-Brothers") 2004 (7th place)